Tuesday 28 April 2015


|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

In Lokasamskar, one needs to look for the National Character of the people. The personal character should be unblemish, no doubt about it. But, the National Character is equally important and should be given priority in the training of the Karyakartas. Param Poojaneeya Guruji says in Bunch of Thoughts :
Our jawans have in these few days smashed the myth assiduously built up by the British, and believed by the world and by many of our own countrymen, that we are a meek and weak lot who have always been at the mercy of any and every freebooter who chose to trample upon us. It was this myth that made even Gandhiji remark,"An average Hindu is a coward and an average Muslim is a bully." However, facts are otherwise. The bully is invariable a coward at heart. It is only when he finds the circumstances safe that he indulges in savage brutalities. To a Hindu, however, the ideal is Vajradapi kathorani, mruduni kusumadapi. He is softer than a petal in promoting brotherliness and amicable friendship, but can become harder than a diamond when the other person turns down his hand of fraternity and prepares to strike him. In fact, no society, which could give birth to a Rama, a Krishna, a Pratap, a Shivaji and a Ranjit Singh could be considered as anything but virile and valiant. A distorted presentation of our national history depicting all such great national heroes as either mythological or as only local chieftains and naming only some sections of our people as martial races had so far misrepresented the true heroic ring of our national character. Our valiant jawans have given the lie direct to that mischievous propaganda and proved that every son of the soil inherits the blood of those peerless ancestors. They have projected before the world the real mighty image of Bharat Mata with Her millions of arms raised to strike down evil forces on the face of the earth.

In the country, there had been quite a number of pious and well-meaning persons in our land. In spite of that, we have had to face disasters continuously over the last thousand years. Some have even gone to the length of asserting that it was this too much of personal goodness that landed our nation in troubles. But it is not a correct reading of history. The real reason was that we lacked in national character - the essential counterpart of personal character. We are not mere solitary individuals but are indivisible parts of the whole society. In that relationship also we should express and uphold purity of character. If this aspect is ignored, mere piety and goodness of the individual will be of little avail in the cause of the nation. Not merely that; if society does not survive, the individual goodness and character also will be trampled under the feet of barbaric aggressors. And that is what has happened in the past.
We all have to make therefore efforts to have personal character as well national character strong in us.

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