Friday 3 April 2015

चतुः सूत्री :: chatuHsutri

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

*  Organisation an organic institution - should have - 1) Noble thought, 2) Individuals who share this thought and are ready to work together, 3) More and more people should keep coming, 4) More people of bright talents and higher values.

*  Mere collection of people is not helpful for growth of organisation. There should be readiness to give Tana, Mana and Dhana and also readiness to suffer.

*  Success in a mission is proportionate to the energy employed for the same which varies according to the time devoted for the purpose

*  Inclusive approach is essential to keep contacts with even those who are not with us at present.

*  Karyakartas must have immense faith in oneself, unswerving faith in our mission and utmost faith in people that they are always ready to receive this noble thought and act for it.

*  The effective Lokasamparka make people followers of the mission; they want to give their energy and time for the fulfillment of the idea.

*  One has to assign work according to capacity, aptitude and the need of the hour. This organisation of the people is Lokasmgraha.

*  When they work in enthusiasm mistake may take place at that time with proper respect, care, patience training and equipping them as per the aims of the organisation is Lokasamskara.

*  Deployment of such prepared workers who can carry out work in right spirit even independently for enhancement of work or for any emergent work is Lokavyavastha.

*  The essential qualities of a master organiser: wherever he goes he inspires, he incarnates the message, does not find fault with others, makes proper use of the people and their energies for the cause and turns each adversity in a stepping stone to sucess.

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