Thursday 9 October 2014

Utkalamani Special : Vivekananda Kendra News

ମିସୁ  ମୋ  ଦେହ  ଏ  ଦେସ ମାଟିରେ  ଦେସବାସି  ଚାଲି  ଜାଆନ୍ଟୁ  ପିଠିରେ
(Let my body feed the soil of this land, May my countrymen tread on it as they walk.)
Nationalism is our religion and God is present before us in the form of our nation.
- Gopabandhu Dash (9 oct.1877–1928)
(known as Utkalamani (Gem of Odisha) was a social worker, reformer, political activist, journalist, poet and essayist.)

News Updates from :

Vijyaya Dasami and Vidyaramba ceremony at VKV Vallioor       

In our school, We celebrated Vijaya Dasami  &  Vidyaramba in a grand manner on 03.10.2014.       
Read More

Utho jago yuva shibir Rajasthan
Vivekananda kendra kanyakumari Rajasthan Prant organized Utho Jago Yuva Perrana Shivir at Shri Dadu palka, Fulera ( Jaipur), 01 to 05 October 2014. There were total 267 youth participated in the camp.        Read More

Discourse on Mayamara namghar held

GUWAHATI, Oct 5 – The Mayamara namghar, like namghars of other communities, is a meeting ground for people from different backgrounds, but its egalitarian nature is also reflected in its architecture and locational orientation.        Read More

Sanskar varga sammelan in Surat       
Sanskar varga sammelan was conducted on 5/9/2014, Sunday from 04:00p.m to 6:30p.m at Punagham..        Read More

Yuva Prerna Shibir in Odisha

Odisha Pranta has conducted 3 Yuva prerana Shibir during Puja Holidays at Brahmapur, Bhubaneswar and Kendujhar. Total  91 students from 6 and 18 colleges districts participated in the camps.       Read More

The magnificent Puppet Show (VKVVF report)
The whole world is nothing but a magnificent Puppet Show. So says Kerala's great poet of satire and originator of famous Ottanthullal. According to him, the director of the cosmic show goes on pulling the threads that make us move our head, hands and feet, that is, dance to his tune. When he pulls out the threads, lo, we fall down dead.       Read More

From Bio-Diversity to Transpersonal Ecology (VKNARDEP report)
Bio-diversity is one of the important aspects that has to be studied, documented and conserved at Rameshwaram.Rameshwaram island is one of the chain of islands that are present in the Gulf of Mannar bio-diversity hot-spot region.Read about it and its importance in the newsletter. Shells, Coral Reefs and Sea algae - the bio-diversity of this island needs to be showcased and this is a small beginning. Also find out about the renovation work of Ramar Teertham.         Read More

Upcoming Events :
  • Yoga and Pranayama Shibir at pune      Read More

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मुक्तसंग्ङोऽनहंवादी धृत्युत्साहसमन्वित:।
सिद्ध‌‌यसिद्धयोर्निर्विकार: कर्ता सात्त्विक उच्यते ॥१८.२६॥

Freed from attachment, non-egoistic, endowed with courage and enthusiasm and unperturbed by success or failure, the worker is known as a pure (Sattvika) one. Four outstanding and essential qualities of a worker. - Bhagwad Gita : XVIII-26

"Condemn NONE; if you can stretch out a helping hand, do so. If you cannot, fold your hands, bless your brother, and let them go their own way." - Swami Vivekananda
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