Friday 24 October 2014

Swami Loved India


Swamiji loved India because She was the cradle of civilization, the birthplace of the realization of the Ultimate Truth and it was from here that the light of omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotency of Truth radiated to other parts of the world.

Swamiji loved India because She was Dharmabhumi. It was here that Truth lent itself to be translated into human thoughts, words and interactions establishing the interconnectedness, interrelatedness and interdependence of the whole Universe.

Swamiji loved India because She was Karmabhumi, where karma or work has been so intensively analysed leading to the discovery that work could indeed be a means to manifest the Divinity within man.

Swamiji loved India because She was Yanjabhumi. It was here that the immense potential of the spiritual energy hidden in the Nishkama Karma was discovered and brought out for the common good of the people.

Swamiji loved India because here was a Tapobhumi where the rishis formulated the superfine technique of stopping the wastage of spiritual energy through controlling the senses from their outgoing habit and directing it towards realization of the Truth.

Thus, Loving India for SWAMIJI was to imbibe her philosophy which was as deep as the ocean, as high as the Himalayas and as vast as the Indian plans. Karma - Bhakti - Jnana Yogas illustrate the wide scope and opportunities available to man to experiment with his own life. This understanding made Swamiji carefully scrutinize and practise the four yogas and update them, so as to explain them in modern times, to the modern man, in modern language and idioms. That is what made Swami Vivekananda's teachings so very unique, practical and universal.

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