Friday 24 October 2014




We all want to be free from miseries. As we all know, we are suffering from various kinds of misery - physical, mental and spiritual. All these miseries, summed up, can be expressed in one word - ignorance - ignorance of our own Self. We do not know what our real nature is or how we are related to our surroundings, sentient and insentient. The trouble is in our ignorance, and the removal of this ignorance is the ultimate goal of human beings. We have to work out our own salvation and free ourselves from this eternal ignorance we are suffering from and help others to the same.
From very birth, people who have the capacity to think have been trying to find out the way of removing all miseries and to reach the state of freedom from miseries which will be the ultimate objective of life. Efforts are going on, and sometimes we stop to think and look back to see whether we have made any progress. Progress is never scheduled according to time. It can be measured only by the amount of peace and happiness that we have attained. So, our introspection will make us often gloomy on account of the slowness of the progress. In spite of the tremendous advance made by science and human knowledge in various fields, much ground remains to be covered in the spiritual field. We have to go a long, long way.
One thing is to be remembered; everyone must be aware of his own contribution to be made towards the collective progress of mankind in this field. Nothing can be attained in isolation. We have to free ourselves from the ignorance that makes us feel that we are isolated individuals, that we have nothing to do with the external world. That is the initial mistake that we have made. I am as much concerned as everyone else in the welfare of others. Everybody is a part of myself and therefore, if anybody is kept in darkness or left alone, suffering from misery and ignorance, it is I who am suffering. That is why we have to serve others.
..... Swami Bhuteshanandaji

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