Friday 3 August 2018


Thought builds the universe. The mind alone is real. All that is seen is but a dream. There is such a thing as the conscious holding of a thought. When this is done, all that opposes it, or seems contradictory to it, gradually melts away, and we wonder what has become of it, or why we were at one time under its illusion.

Anything may be achieved by thought. Death, disease, poverty, humiliation, any or all of those may be overcome. The one thought, "I am the strong! I am the strong !" earnestly held, calmly, confidently, unwaveringly and yet silently asserted, is enough. In the presence of one strong thought, all of a contrary opinion or party become apologetic, and seek to defend themselves, or to explain why they cannot quite agree. And this without one word being said.

Immense batteries may be made by numbers of people uniting together to think a given thought. If the whole of India could agree to give, say, ten minutes every evening, at the oncoming of darkness, to thinking a single thought, "We are one. We are one. Nothing can prevail against us to make us think we are divided. For we are one. We are one and all antagonisms amongst us are illusion"— the power that would be generated can hardly be measured.

This force ought always to be used in constructive forms. We ought always to devote it to what are called positive ends. We ought never to use it for hatred or jealousy or anger, but always in love and faith, and for the upbuilding of something. Even when evil is to be destroyed, or a lie overcome, we must think of the truth that is to be revealed, or the good to be done, and not the evil or the falsehood.

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