Sunday 24 July 2016

Who is more cultured?

Sri Vishwasji was telling. A teacher from VKV Niausa who had been to Pongchou was to return to Niausa. Govt bus frequency is very less. Timing is there. At least half an hour before, a family - father, mother, a son and a daughter - all had come and sat in the bus occupying the seats. It was time to start. But more than that the bus is for the convenience of the people & these days economy also needs to be seen and hence, the conductor was waiting for more passengers. When the bus was full, the conductor gave the whistle and driver started the vehicle.

And as the starter was put on, whole of this Wancho family got down from the bus. It was already bit late and therefore, all those sitting inside were getting annoyed for further delay. Teacher said : All four of them went in front of the bus. Did namaskar. Had pradakshina to the bus. Once more Namaskar to bus and all around. And then all four boarded the bus.

Who is more cultured? A thought came to my mind on hearing this incident. The Wanchos in that remote area also have understood and is in their practice that everything in the world is but God. The bus too is the God.

When will I grow like them?

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