Monday 4 July 2016

Swamiji's Mission

Today 4th July. Swami Vivekananda's Mahasamadhi Divas.

Here we recall His mission of Divinising the whole world.

What is God?

God is there, dwelling in the inner- most depths of your being. He is not someone who is residing in the sky above. He is present everywhere. If He is not present everywhere, He is present nowhere and it is that kind of God - Whom you see as omnipresent, as someone Who is there present to everyone, as someone Whom, man feels as a constant companion looking on him, helping him and guiding him in everything he is doing  that Swami Vivekananda believed in and realized. He looked at our country ; when he looked at the popular Hinduism of the country, he denounced it, he castigated it. With a spiritual daring, he said: 'My God is the God of the wicked, is the God of the poor, is the God of the neglected masses. I have nothing to do with that God who does not dwell in the ordinary human being.' So he pointed out that the worship of man is the worship of God. (The service of man, trying to help him to the best of your ability, is the best kind of service you can render to the divine. Understand that those people who talk about God and neglect the poor, and the down-trodden and don't care about the disinherited and the hurt, are not truly religious, do not truly believe in God. So his religion expressed itself in a spirit of fundamental humanism. As has been said already, that he is not an atheist who does not believe in God, but he is an atheist who does not believe in man.

Where is God?

God is in man. He is Paramatman. He is not merely Bhagavan, Brahman, he is the supreme soul in you. When you abstract from your outer layers of consciousness, mind and animality, if you withdraw into the centre of your own being, if you build up a shrine of solitude there, you will see there the divine presence. The divine light is there ever shining, ever ready to come to your assistance and help you if only you do this process of abstracting from the outward and getting into the most inward aspect of your nature. Each man is made in the likeness of God. Each one of us is divine. Where there is Jiva there is Siva. Siva is not somewhere up. He is there where a human being is.

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