Thursday 21 March 2013

8th January in Swami Vivekananda Life

8 Jan 1893 : At Pondicherry
8 Jan 1895 : At Chicago
8 Jan 1896 : At NY - Lectures: Morning - "A study of the Sankhya philosophy" Evening: "The 
 Atman - Its bondage and freedom"
Swamiji says in 'The Atman....' - According to the Advaita philosophy, there is only one thing real in the universe, which it calls Brahman; everything else is unreal, manifested and manufactured out of Brahman by the power of Maya. To reach back to that Brahman is our goal. We are, each one of us, that Brahman, that Reality, plus this Maya. If we can get rid of this Maya or ignorance, then we become what we really are....The alpha and omega of Vedanta philosophy is to "give up the world," giving up the unreal and taking the real. ....

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