Thursday 21 March 2013

6th January in Swami Vivekananda Life

6 Jan 1893 : Swamiji reaches Madurai.
6 Jan 1894 : Swamiji speaks on ISHTA in NY. He spoke : The word Ishta is derived from the root Ish, to desire, choose. The ideal of all religions, all sects, is the same — the attaining of liberty and cessation of misery. Wherever you find religion, you find this ideal working in one form or other. 

.....This theory of Ishta, therefore, means allowing a man to choose his own religion. One man should not force another to worship what he worships......This is the theory of Ishta. It is the only way to make religion meet practically the necessities of different constitutions, to avoid quarrelling with others, and to make real practical progress in spiritual life.
 6 Jan 1901 : Swamiji visits Advaita Ashrama.

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