Saturday 4 November 2023


"The one point of difference between Hinduism and other religions is that in Hinduism man passes from truth to truth, from a lower truth to a higher truth and not from error to truth. If one studies the Vedas between the lines, he sees only a religion of harmony. The Vedas should be studied through the spectacle of evolution. They contain the whole history of the progress of religious evolution until religion has reached its perfection in unity (Advaitism). There can be no new religious thought which is not already contained in Hinduism." To elucidate the point further Swamiji said again "just as Chemistry ceases to improve when one element is found from which all others are deducible, Physics cease to progress when one energy is found, of which all the other forces are manifestations, so Religion also ceases to progress when unity is reached, and such is the case with Hinduism"

When questioned, what is your religion Swami? the very majestic reply was elicited. "My religion is one of which Christianity is an offshoot and Buddhism a rebel child." So saying he further expatiated on the differences between the Hindus and other nations: "There have been two progresses in the world,—(1) Political, (2) Religious. In the former, the Greeks were everything, the modern political institutions are only the development of the Grecian; in the latter the Hindus were everything. The very early religious advancement of the Hindus, and their keen perception of that superfineness in everything which made them cling always to higher alternatives in affairs of life, have reduced the Hindus to what they are. The time has now come that the Hindus have to learn a little bit of brutality from the west and teach them a little bit of humanity.''

"The present religion of the Hindu is simply 'don't touchism,' and indifferentism or trying to imitate the west, not only in matters social, but in religion also, following the garbled teachings of western students of Hindu religion." Finally the Swami closed the discourse by giving a warning in the following words :—"If necessary, improve your social customs, marry your widows, knock on the head of caste if it has served its purpose, but do not give up religion. One may be radical in social matters but one should be orthodox in religion."

(Vedanta Kesari - July 1914)

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