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There were many prophecies in the Deccan about the birth of a Deliverer from the oppressions of the Moghals. It looks as if this very oppression gave rise to a growth of religious spirit amongst the people which was such a peculiar feature of the times. Quite a galaxy of god-intoxicated, and self-realised men were going about the country preaching the people that the upholding of the Dharma was the be-all and the end-all of life. Samartha Rama Das, Thuka-ram, Ekanath and a host of others were all more or less contemporaries of Sivaji.

"There is one prophecy" said Swamiji, " that comes to my mind and that is that of the Hermit of Matheran given as a piece of advice to his pupil Nettaji Palkar. This Hermit of Matheran was once a great soldier, a pious man who had renounced the world and devoted the last days of his life, entirely to Yogic practices and meditation of God. He was a past-master in the arts of not only military warfare, but also in the use of the sword, spear and the bow. And this Nettaji Palkar plays a very important part in the exploits of Sivaji as his right hand in leading the command of his selected troops of Mowlies. When Nattaji Palkar after serving his apprenticeship under the great saint learnt from him the art of throwing spear, archery and sword-play he was directed by the Hermit to leave him and go abroad to serve his motherland. The following advice is said to have been given to him by the Hermit. " My son, see that thou usest aright the knowledge and power that thou hast gained. Never draw thy sword except to defend the oppressed and in the cause of thy religion and thy countrymen. Amongst the signs of approaching death are the clear visions of the future that pour in upon my soul, the great God Siva has again and again appeared to me and revealed to me that he has taken the form of a man to free Maharashtra. Would that it were vouchsafed to me to fight by his side in the glorious struggle! It may not be; but it is something that I can send him as his servant thee, the son of my heart.

" Often I see the incarnate God leading his warriors against the bearded hosts of Islam, and ever I see thee at his right hand in the day of victory and the hour of danger. For he is not always victorious and triumphant. No, he is like yonder stately anjan-tree, that bends ever and anon before the might of tempest, but is never broken or uprooted. Sometimes he is a fugitive and sometimes I see him bending low to the lordly foe. But he ever rises again, and the seeming suppliant plunges his deadly sword into the heart of the enemy, who is deluded into thinking him conquered. O! for one hour of the joy of battle by his side, when he turns like a tiger on his pursuers and drives them to perdition!

"Oh, my son, treasure my visions in thy heart, for perchance this may be the last time that fate allows me to address thee. Thou wilt stand by the side of the great saviour of his people, when at last triumphant over all his enemies, he takes his seat on his golden throne under the silken umbrella, the symbol of his regal power, as an Emperor of Maharashtra. I see in my mind's eye the Brahmins and ministers sprinkling over his head the waters brought from the most sacred rivers and fountains of India, and the golden lotus flowers set with precious jewels distributed among the immense concourse assembled on the airy mountain of Rairi to greet him on the great day that consummates his work on earth. Even farther into the misty future my vision bears me, to the time when the incarnate God returns to his heavenly home. His work remains firmly built by his wisdom and might. His successors lead their followers far beyond the bounds of Maharashtra, till they sit as conquerors in the palaces of Dehli and Agra, and water their steeds in the sacred stream of the Ganges.

(Vedanta Kesari - Nov 1914)
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