Tuesday 31 October 2017

Chronology of Sister Nivedita's Life - 3

यतो धर्म: ततो जय:

1900 January 28. 'A public school man' in USA requests her to write "Indian stories" (Later to take the form of Cradle Tales of Hinduism) for publication.

February. Forms 'Ramakrishna Guild of Help in America', with Mrs Leggett as President and Mrs Bull as Secretary, publishes a booklet 'The Project of the Ramakrishna School for Girls'.

March. Meets Prof. Patric Geddes of Scotland, 'the first sociologist since Spencer to produce a new and living theory of society.'

June 28. Sails for Paris, to act there as Secretary to Patric Geddes, organizer of the various sessions of the International Association at the Paris Exhibition of 1900-Fails 'absolutely' in this work as she finds it impossible to go on cataloguing, indexing and reporting of lectures. (But 'Some Notes of Lectures Heard in Paris at the International School of Science, 1900' were published in Hindusthan Review, June, 1907, under the title 'The relation between Famine and Population').

July. First publication of her book Kali the Mother, by Swan Sonnenschein & Co., London, Dedicates it to Vireswar, Lord of the Heroes, meaning Vivekananda.

August.  Meets the Bose's at Paris. Bose comes to take part at the International Congress of Physicists. Vivekananda rejoices at Bose's success at the Conference they become great friends.-She stays with Mrs Bull at the village Perros-Guirec in Brittany.-Deeply hurt at Vivekananda's mood of unconcern about her, complains, receives from him a poem of 'Benediction', and great blessing. 'Go forth into the world, and there, if I made you, be destroyed! If Mother made you, live.'-Writes enthusiastically about Kropotkin's social and political ideas.

November. In London. Takes leading part in discussions with Govt. officials about Tata Research Institute Scheme. Issues circular letters to some prominent sympathetic. Europeans seeking support for the Tata Scheme, to counteract Government of India's opposition to it.-Translates some of Rabindranath Tagore's short stories including Cabuliwallah.-Starts helping Bose in writing scientific papers and books.

December. Helps Bose when ill and operated upon-Keeps the Boses in her family residence and attends on Bose during his convalescence.

1901   February-March. Lectures extensively in England and Scotland on Indian topics.

April. Writes about Mr. Ole Bull, famous Norwegian violinist and national leader, on the occasion of 'the unveiling of his statue' in Norway.-Starts writing 'Lambs among Wolves', in reply to Missionary attacks against Indian culture, and publishes it in West Minister Review. (Published as a book in 1903).

May. In Norway as guest of Mrs Bull-The Boses and Romesh Chandra Dutt also there. Dutt becomes her God-father, inspires her to write Web of Indian Life.-She writes some chapters of the book here.

July. Expresses final disillusionment about British rule in India.

September-December. Continues helping Bose to write The Living and Non-Living-Vigorously goes on with 'Bose war' to protect Bose's interest against conspiracy by Anglo-Indian officials and interested scientific circle.-Meets and discusses with Kropotkin.-Starts corresponding with Kakaju Okakura, an exponent of Japanese Art, at Miss MacLeod's instance.-Decides to take up political course of activities for India's emancipation.  

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