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Chronology of Sister Nivedita's Life - 2

यतो धर्म: ततो जय:

1898 February 27. First visit to Dakshineswar – Meets Aghormani Devi, known as 'Gopaler Ma' (Gopal's Mother) who found in Ramakrishna the Child Gopala, i.e. Child Krishna.

March 11. First public speech in India, at the Star Theatre, Calcutta : 'Influence of the Spiritual Thoughts of India in England'-March 17. First meeting with 'Holy Mother' Sarada Devi, consort of Sri Ramakrishna, in company with Miss J. MacLeod and Mrs. Ole Bull, writes in her diary, 'a day of days.'-March 25. Initiated by Vivekananda on the day of the Christian Feast of the Annunciation, as a novice of the Order of Ramakrishna, given the name 'Nivedita' (The Dedicated) – Stays in an old cottage at Belur (newly bought for the Math), with Miss MacLeod and Mrs. Ole Bull.

May. Plague in Calcutta. Panic and plague riot in protest against Govt. measures-Writes plague pamphlet at Swamiji's instance-May 11. Starts with Swamiji and his party on upper India tour. Swamiji wishes to show his Western disciples what is real India.-'Clash and conflict' with Swamiji over British rule in India and other issues. Swamiji attacks her blind worship of British flag. At the end he blesses her. ('It was assuredly a moment of wonderful sweetness and reconciliation.') – Furious at the information that the police are shadowing Swamiji through spies.

July 26. Starts from Srinagar in Kashmir for pilgrimage to the Cave of Amarnath with Swamiji, who wants that 'his daughter…be dedicated to Siva.'

August 2. Reaches the Amarnath Cave. Swamiji gets vision of Siva. He says to her: 'You have made the pilgrimage and it will go on working.'

August-September. Makes utmost to undo the mischievous act of the British Resident of Kashmir who vetoed thrice Maharaja's proposal to handover a plot of land to Swamiji for a Women's Math, but fails.

September 30. Swamiji starts alone for pilgrimage to Kshir Bhabani to worship Divine Shakti. He returns to Srinagar (October 6).-She sees him 'transfigured and inspired…His soul and voice are those of a God.'

November 1. Returns to Calcutta after visiting Lahore, Delhi Agra etc. in company with Miss MacLeod and Mrs. Bull.-Stays for sometime at Sarada Devi's residence at 10/2, Bose Para Lane, Baghbazar.-Shifts to 16 Bose Para Lane-November 12. Present at a meeting of the devotees of Ramakrishna at Balarama Bose's house at Baghbazar, convened to consider the opening of her Girls' school.

November 13. Sarada Devi inaugurates the School at 16 Bose Para Lane, and blesses it. Swamiji and some fellow-monks present-November 14. The School begins.

1899 January 9. Starts translating Girish Chandra Ghose's famous religious drama Bilwamangal.

January 27. Tea-Party at her residence organized by her in pursuance of her effort to bring the Brahma and Ramakrishna Mission closer for Indian work. Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Mohini Mohan Chatterjee among those present.

February 13. Lectures on 'Kali and Her Worship' at the Albert Hall; creates sensation.-February 20. At the Jorasanko Tagore family residence with Swami Vivekananda to meet Maharsi Devendranath Tagore.

February 26. Lectures on 'Young India Movement' at the Minerva Theatre.

March 15. Writes to Mrs Bull about J.C. Bose, seeking help from her for Bose's scientific work. (Bose eventually became Mrs Bull's 'son', received huge financial aid, also other helps from her).

March 19. Lectures at the Ramakrishna birthday celebration at Belur Math.

March 21. Violent plague at Calcutta; risks her life nursing plague victims. Vivekananda objects against this unnecessary exhibition of courage, says, sanitation work more beneficial to the people.'

March 22. At Dakshineswar with Sarala Ghosal and Surendranath Tagore of the Tagore family.

March 26. Vivekananda makes her ''Naisthic'' Brahmacharini of the Order.

March 28. Indian Mirror publishes her appeal for plague relief. 'The Plague in Calcutta.'

March 31. Ramakrishna Mission starts Plague Relief Work in Calcutta slums under her supervision.

April 6. Statesman and Englishman publish her appeal for Plague Relief Fund: The Cleansing of Calcutta.'

April 22. Lectures on Plague at the Classic Theatre with Vivekananda in the chair, appeals to the youth to come forward and sacrifice-Publishes in Prabuddha Bharata report of interview with Vivekananda on the 'Bounds of Hinduism.'

May 28. Lectures on 'Kali Worship' at Kalighat Temple.

June 20. Leaves for England and the West with Vivekananda and Turiyananda for collecting funds for School. – On board discusses with Vivekananda various matters, listens to his inspired utterances, feels it to be the 'greatest occasion' of her life.

July 31. In London. Vivekananda meets her family for the first time.-She sees with great delight, the whole family kneels 'at feet of the Master.'

August 16. Vivekananda with Turiyananda leaves for America.-She stays for sometime in England to join marriage function of her sister.

September 20. Reaches Ridgely Manor, Mr. Leggett's country house near New York, a big party staying there including Vivekananda, Turiyananda, Abhedananda, Mrs Bull, Leggetts and others.

October 18. Sees Vivekananda in a great prophetic mood, speaking about forthcoming Sudra Revolution.

October-November. Completes her book Kali the Mother.

November 5. Vivekananda blesses her and Mrs Bull, gives them 'power' and obligation to work for the 'Mother'. Feels it to be the 'great turning point' of her life.

November-December (also January-June, 1900). Lectures at different places of America, on topics like: 'The Conditions of Indian Women', 'Religious life in India', 'Ancient Arts of India', 'Our obligation to the Orient', 'Ideals of Hindu Women', 'Mother Worship'. Highly appreciated as well as attacked scathingly, particularly from the supporters of Pandita Ramabai, a Christian convert, who maligns India in America. Fights against this onslaught-Writes to her 'beloved Father' Vivekananda, 'I want to do things only because they are my Father's will'.


The main theme of my life is to take the message of Sanatana Dharma to every home and pave the way for launching, in a big way, the man-making programme preached and envisaged by great seers like Swami Vivekananda. - Mananeeya Eknathji

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. . . Are you Strong? Do you feel Strength? — for I know it is Truth alone that gives Strength. Strength is the medicine for the world's disease . . .
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. . . Are you Strong? Do you feel Strength? — for I know it is truth alone that gives Strength. Strength is the medicine for the world's disease . . .
This is the great fact: "Strength is LIFE; Weakness is Death."
- Swami Vivekananda
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