Saturday 17 September 2016

How to do Japa

"Do you perform prayer and meditation nowadays?
- No, Maharaj, not at all.

It is better to do at least a little every day. That will give you peace of mind and steadiness. I am sure you have a family guru. Why have you not taken initiation from him? You had better receive it from him soon. Every day you should perform a little Japa and meditation. Purchase a rosary of Rudraksha beads. Dip it in the holy waters of the Ganga and touch the sacred Feed of Lord Viswanath with it. Then perform Japa with that a hundred and eight or a thousand times daily. If you are inclined to do more, you can do so, and you should.

- What shall I repeat?

The blessed name of God! The name of that form of His which inspires the greatest faith and devotion in you – that is the name you should choose for your Japa.

- Without a form, meditation is not possible. What form shall I meditate upon, and where?

You must meditate upon that form of His you like best. You can place Him in the heart or outside. A wise guru, however, will understand the particular form of God that calls forth the greatest faith and regard from the disciple, and will instruct him to mediate on that.

Then there is mental worship. As you do external worship with offerings of flowers, sandal paste, burning of camphor etc. exactly so is the worship in the mind. In the mind you have to picture the form of the Deity you choose, in the mind you are to offer all the holy things used in worship and in the mind, again, you have to adore Him with all the reverence and devotion of your heart in humble supplication.

You have heard enough, Now do something and show your worthiness. No more waste of time. Begin from this day, this very evening. For the present, do these two things – Japa and meditation, every morning and evening without fail. Continue this habit for a couple of years at least. Then you will find great joy, and will know more and more of spiritual mysteries.

....Swami Brhamanandaji

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