Sunday 4 September 2016

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

Ganesh Chaturthi
Tomorrow begins 10 days Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. The Festival involving all sections of society started in Maharashtra in 1893 by Sri Lokamanya Tilak is now celebrated almost throughout the nation. The festival which was in home, temple became a public celebrations wherein people used to assemble together and they were aroused and awakened to fight against British through speeches and various other programs. This tradition continues till today.

Lord Ganesh tells us about various qualities that we should have. 

With all these aspects, where people come together, we should seize the opportunity to place importance on Organised Work for which the Lord Ganesh stands. Various names of Lord Ganesh tells us about these facts. Getting into the public, bringing their attention to the attacks that are taking place through various court decisions like that of Dahi-Handi during Krishna Janamashtami, or on stopping of crackers during Deepavali etc.
Of course, a good balancing is needed in everything. Observing the celebration with Shraddha, Bhakti is also important and let us do it this year.

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