Thursday 14 September 2023

Swami Turiyananda on Vivekananda - 2

One day Swami Shivananda sang a devotional song to Sri Krishna. While listening, I began to weep and wentinto ecstasy, and Swamiji did too.

Ah, what a wonderful spirit of self-surrender Swamiji had! When he was seriously ill at Rishikesh and we, his brother-disciples, were watching over him, sad at heart, he said: 'Mother, if it is your will, let me die.'

'What is known as the nondual Brahman in the Upanishads is a ray of light from His Body.' [A Vaishnava saying.] This is sectarianism. Swamiji used to make fun of this kind of attitude.

''A doer of good never comes to grief.' The spiritual struggles that you undergo are never in vain. Even if you do not attain the highest in this life, you carry your spiritual gain with you to the next life. Don't you see that there are people who from childhood are devoted to God and live without worldly cravings? On the other hand, there are some who may be learned but live like worms in filth. Without the control of lust nothing can be achieved. Look at Swamiji! What was his power? He was free from lust. He lived among beautiful women, yet there was dispassion in his heart."

While we were in Meerut with Swamiji, a number of devotees came to visit us. Swamiji asked me to speak to them. Although they were householders, I stressed the ideal of renunciation and dispassion. After they left, Swamiji said to me: 'Brother Hari, do you think everybody is like you? Can everyone let the Divine Mother dwell constantly within the lotus of his heart? Let these people keep forgetful a little while longer and enjoy life.'

Swamiji once said 'At the age of twenty-nine I finished everything.'"

Swamiji used to quote the Bible: 'My God is a jealous God.' If you are attached to anything or anyone else and do not renounce all for him, you cannot find him."

Do you know why I was so successful in America? Swamiji spoke highly of me to some of the people there, and so naturally they had faith in me. When someone believes in you, you must live in such a way as to increase that person's faith. Otherwise, disastrous results may follow.

Whenever Swamiji used the pronoun 'I,' he was identified with Brahman and used the word from the nondualistic standpoint.

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