Saturday 20 October 2018

Obedience: Important tool of Man Marking

Nivedita used to lay great emphasis on obedience to rules as a part of education. She closely watched her students to make sure that they performed their duties in proper manner. Besides this, she also taught them with great care the basic rules of hygiene. She observed that her simple, naive students might have other good qualities, but lacked in the basic sense of hygiene. So she laid great stress on it. She strictly watched that each of them should use their own clothing and bedding separately.

In her room a bed was always kept laid. When she felt extremely tired she would take rest there for a couple of minutes. One day as she entered her room for taking a little rest she found that one of her students (because of her home at Dacca she used to be called as 'Dhakai Ma') was lying asleep on the bed. Nivedita stealthily walked out of the room lest her sleep was broken. But coming out of the room she asked one of her students: 'Look, Dhakai Ma is very much tired today. Please tell her to resume the school after taking a few days of rest.' Everybody got the message that Nivedita was displeased with the girl. On the one hand, she did not like anyone using another's bed, on the other, such sleeping while the school was on, was the cause of her serious annoyance.

But she would not hesitate in the least to break the rule when necessary. A student named Mahamaya was ailing for a number of days and became extremely weak. However, she continued to come to school even in such physical condition. One day she suddenly fell seriously ill during school and started vomiting blood. No sooner had Nivedita seen this than she took the girl on her lap like her own child, and placed her in her bed. She nursed her with delicate care throughout the school hours and sent her back home cautiously.

Later, it came to be known that Mahamaya was suffering from consumption. Nivedita and Christine tried their best to bring her round by arranging for her medical treatment. An accommodation was arranged at Puri where she rested along with her brother and mother. Both Nivedita and Christine stayed with her and nursed her. But she could not be saved.

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