Tuesday 26 September 2017

Swami Vivekananda - H.J. Van Haagen : 2

Reminiscences of Swami Vivekananda by H.J. Van Haagen

...The strong impression which this lovable teacher always gave to his students was that of causing them to feel that they alone, while with him, had his whole attention and sympathy. Always willing to devote his entire attention to heeding his students' most humble wants and queries, he, by this most pleasing attitude, made them most enthusiastic and faithful disciples. This created that enduring bond of love between teacher and disciple which is so necessary for any teacher's real success. And how glorious was his success! Today almost every intelligent person is more or less familiar with the literature which like a flower blossomed out of his work. And many are those — the professor, clergyman, and layman alike — who have been influenced to the better through acquaintance with these literary gems.

His teaching bore to us the peace of mind of the Aryan rishis of which we are so much in need. It is but recently that an American scientist pointed out how our fashionable and business life is a continuous nerve storm — a literal hurrying to the grave, speeding along every lifeway, exhausting energy, and inviting premature nervous and mental ruin. Through the strong desire for wealth and sense-gratification the nerve energy is exceedingly overtaxed, and no remedy is sought to restore it. What better cure for this evil could be conceived than the living of that life which the Vedanta philosophy teaches? Not the excessive nervous rushing hither and tither. nor inactive dullness, but sattva — equipoise and tranquillity — is what is offered by Vedanta, and this only can bring back to us the calm which Western nations have long lost.

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